Thursday, January 19, 2017

Malcolm Gladwell Talking Sense

 Yes, I'm in the camp that feels like my fellow Americans have, somehow, chosen to be led by the anti christ. OK - he's not as charismatic or smart as the AC is likely to be and so there's some hope in that, but - any way, to my point.

 In the midst of all the baying I found respite and hope in this short interview of Malcolm Gladwell.  The interviewer, one of a species of lefty British types who specialize in dudgeon, is outclassed by Gladwell, who is obviously thinking for himself and not regurgitating the script the interviewer seems to have written for him.

Of course I found this over on BBC Radio 4 - which is a wonderful place.  An interview with the writer Lionel Shriver is included as part of the same series and I recommend that one to you too.

Buckle on your helmets, America.  Here we go.  As Gladwell notes, if Trump had more substance we might need to be more concerned. I've decided to look at this next four years as a period of illness that will make us appreciate and safeguard our health much more diligently post-Trump.

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