Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Work in Progress over on Wattpad

Hey friends -

I've been dropping the odd, tantalizing hint about a writing project that I've been dancing around with for awhile.  Remember the one, where I said this might be on the cover?

I just posted the first few chapters on Wattpad, which is a Canadian website for writing of all kinds, but especially for YA and teen stuff.  I'm hoping to pick up a few comments and maybe a little momentum.  If you have time and any interest I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.  Here's the link:

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Love You Sturmey Archer...

February in my part of the world means that subtle hints of the season to come are arriving.  I made it home from work in the daylight, or pretty close to it, yesterday.

Every day, when I pull into our garage at home I have to be careful not to bump into the bicycles that mark the end of my parking spot.  I have three vintage English bikes here, a 1968 women's Raleigh, a 1973 women's BSA and an unnamed brand with a barely intact decal featuring Welsh feathers.  When my headlights shone on them last night I thought, well, soon...

I saw this fun product video on the Facebook feed of the Slow Bicycle Group that I follow there.  It hit me right in my antique-y sweet spot, so I'm sharing.

I wanted to order one for myself though I'll admit I was put off by the fact that it comes in a flat pack and has to be assembled.  "Assembly required" is not in my skill set.

While I was looking at the Trotify website, I came across another great little UK cycling video so here's that for you too.

I always give cyclists as much room as I can manage and I appreciate it when cars do the same for me when I am out on my slow bike rides.

Stay warm. Enjoy those February sunsets.  Get your bikes into the shop for that Spring tune up...