Saturday, December 10, 2016

Somewhere There's A Book Club Where We Belong... Win Some Paperbacks!

Under my desk, there is a box.  It is about half full of early printings of Up, Back, and Away - Version 1.0, before I made a few corrections and commissioned a genius to illustrate the cover.  These early paperbacks look like this:

The way we were...

Despite being put in the shade by Juan's brilliant cover illustration,  these books still have a little piece of my heart.  I hate to think of them languishing like Jessie in Toy Story in a dark box. So, in this holiday season, what I would like to do is send them to you and your bookclub.

I will send up to ten copies to the club/club(s) representatives making a request.  If more than one group writes in (leave a comment here with some form of contact information or email me at, I will put names in a hat and draw them out.  I will sign all the books so you'll want to hold onto your copy for that day when Sotheby's comes calling.  I think there are about fifteen in the box...  Say how many you would like, give me an address in the U.S. (sorry, too expensive to ship over borders - but see note below re: ebook), and hey presto.  First come, first served.

If your group gets around to actually reading the book and you want me to come via Skype to the meeting when you chat about it - just come back here and say so.  Or send me an email at the aforementioned I'd be honored.

For those of you who have moved on from paper or who are in England, starting Dec. 16, 2016, you can get the e-version (with lovely cover and corrections) for 99 cents in the US and 99p across the pond on Amazon for one week.

But don't let that stop you asking for these copies.  I live to serve and to send paperbacks.

Leave a comment.  Email me. Tell your friends.  Thanks for stopping by.  Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ready, Steady, WRAP!

"Tandembaum" by Juan Wijngaard, brilliant artist and cover illustrator of Up, Back, and Away
You-Know-What is coming.  I'm no where near ready - but, friends, I am making plans.  I'll have a little something for everybody - and that means YOU too - later this month.

In the meantime, just to say Happy Hols and thanks for stopping by, here's a link to one of my new favorite BBC Radio programmes: Choral Evensong on Radio 3.  This is, "A Service for Advent with Carols" recently recorded live at the Chapel of St. John's Cathedral in Cambridge.

If you have been around here before you know that since I discovered the iPlayer app (q.v.- the app works brilliantly to dial up the whole universe of BBC radio - and it is a vast universe).  British public radio puts ours in the shade. Choral Evensong is one of many long-running programmes (I always mentally pronounce the "e" there, being American) that I have come to love.  The only down-side is that all that fabulous radio has cut down on my reading.  If you have a tip for a book I should check out, leave it here or over on Goodreads.

More later. Best wishes for a bright season.