Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Best Wishes

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, all of that.

Thanks to those who grabbed the e-book during the aforementioned flog.  We climbed to Number one of all kids Kindle books in the UK for a bit - ahead of Harry Potter and the Hobbit.  I had to have a lie down when that happened.

I'm at work on the sequel to Up, Back, and Away in fits and starts.  Thanks for asking. I would be able to move it along if some deep pocketed individual or entity bought the rights.  Ahem.

I'm also working on another project that has a deadline for the end of January.  More about that soon.

 In the meantime, I wish you all, dear readers, the happiest of holiday seasons.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Is it Vulgar to Scream "Sale!" "Sale!" ? (sorry).

Hey there!  Put down your derby hat and cane and stay awhile.

If you've read the book you might like to poke around here, especially some of the older posts where I reveal my inspiration and other fascinating things.

If you haven't read the book yet, well, you're in luck because from now to December 8, if you can scrounge 99 pence or 99 cents, depending, you can get the eBook from Mr. Amazon.

Here's a link for you Staties

and here's one for you readers in Mother England.

When you've finished, come and talk to me about what you thought (so long as you're nice).