Sunday, June 19, 2016

Midsummer Eve

Hello Gentle Reader. Welcome to summmer. Officially it begins tomorrow, which means we are right on the cusp of that magic moment - for those of us in the northern hemisphere - the longest day - the shortest night. I researched a lot of the traditions around midsummer's eve for the book. Daphne's advice to Dr. Slade to wet his face in the dew caught in flowers on the morning after is real. I mean that people used to recommend that. I'm a little ashamed of the druidical kink in my thoughts. I am one of those people who toss salt over my (left) shoulder when I've gone and spilled some. I don't even like to look at the number 13 (true confession - I turn away from my microwave as it gets to the last seconds to avoid spotting it). I once drove around the block when a black cat crossed in front of my car to avoid path crossing. I mean, why take a chance, right? This is the silly, low-end thinking that is part of something grander I think: mysteries of nature that baffle and terrify and also awe us. Here's hoping your summer is magic and not scary.


  1. I'm with you on the salt, but I've had six black cats in my life, so far, and they have been wonderful! I love my three (late) black dogs, too. My father's words about sing before breakfast, cry before supper have stayed with me. I stop myself if I begin to sing early. Superstitions are so very interesting, and so very hard to talk oneself out of.

  2. I'm sure your black cats were lovely. I am a cat lover myself, it's just the path-crossing thing that gets me. I must find out the origin of that particular nonsense. What does it say about our human nature that we are prey to this kind of thing. Happy Midsummer's Eve to you, Nan.