Monday, May 16, 2016

Some of My Favorite Things - A Giveaway

I have a big summer book promotion coming up and feel like celebrating.  In that party spirit I'm giving away some favors.  See the link in the sidebar to enter to win the Literary Anglophile's Prize Pack.

Included are a signed copy of Up, Back, and Away - of course - AND (are you sitting down?) all the other stuff in the foreground as well.

The gem is probably the Copeland Spode pottery jug of Winston Churchill.  It dates from 1941 and was meant to inspire his countrymen and mine in those early days of the war. It's printed in black with the symbols of the three Armed Services, beneath 'All I can offer is blood, toil, tears and sweat', reverse with crossed flags of Great Britain and the USA, 'We stand for democracy'.  (This very jug sold at a specialist Churchill auction last year for 120 pounds so... ) 

Also included is the cottageware teapot, creamer, and sugar bowl - genuine English made sometime in the first half of the last century and so adorable.  For planning your next trip across the pond you'll also get a guide to  Secret London and the book and DVDs for the PBS series on Iconic British Estates in its slipcover. The little white teapot  honors Edward VII, who was King of England from 1901-1910.   

I've been inspired for years by the great old pottery industry in England.  The winner will get this vintage Royal Doulton Dickens plate, featuring many of his greatest creations.  The value of all this stuff in terms of dirty money is in the neighborhood of $200.  In terms of inspiration, priceless.

US Residents only for this one, I'm afraid.  It will be carefully packed and shipped within 48 hours of the end of the giveaway.  Enter by June 3, 2016.

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