Monday, March 24, 2014

Oh to Be In England Now... And Thanks to New Friends

I subscribe to the National Trust Facebook feed and they regularly post pictures taken by visitors National Trust properties.  Here's a picture recently posted by Val Corbett, showing the cherry tree at Sizergh Castle, Cumbbria.

Sigh.  Here's a picture I took from my back porch here in Vermont, just now.  "Deep and crisp and even."  Argh.

One more, for good measure (note the snow on the roof).

It is also below zero - well below zero, which is why we have that pretty blue sky.  

I know the English climate is not generally regarded as its finest point but it looks very good to me just about now.

In Other News...

Thanks to all who may be stopping in here after picking up the e-version of Up, Back, and Away last week.  The Giveaway was fabulous with nearly 4,500 copies winging their way to e-readers worldwide.  Here's a screenshot my good Dad sent to me on the last night  of the promotion - note the position of Up, Back, and Away vis-a-vis that Hunger Games book, ahem.

I hope that every person who downloaded it will love it, though I know that's really too much to ask.  At least I hope you won't hate it.  I've been looking at new reviews on Amazon with half-closed eyes. Fortunately the few that have blipped in since the weekend have been very kind.

The Goodreads giveaway for a real paperback continues for another week.  There's a button up there you can press if you want to get in with a chance.  I hope that you are enjoying spring weather wherever you may be.  

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